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How to source books online: Step-by-step
 Free book: "Online Book Arbitrage"
"The Weird System I Discovered To Run An Amazon Business From A Starbucks Patio"
The Holy Grail of book sourcing? Learn how to get all your inventory online.
New: Updated for 2020
A system to find cheap books on Amazon, and resell them back on Amazon for a profit (with no tools and no experience).
(Yes, the paperback is actually selling on Amazon for $47 right now)
  • Finding hidden profit in the world's biggest book source - How the biggest source of books to resell isn't a library book sale - its Amazon.
  •  The Secret Formula - The 7 ingredients of a book that can be flipped on Amazon.
  • A step-by-step formula - Examples of books on Amazon you can buy & resell for 300% profits - now.
  •  Exactly how to find book gold - How to search Amazon for book arbitrage gold.
  • Bonus: Amazon gift card arbitrage - A 100% online system for profiting off Amazon trade-in value.
  • A paint-by-numbers formula - A quick system for making $1,000 a month... from your computer.
  • Two tell-all interviews: Read the story of one man doing $16,000 a month (partially from a cruise ship), and another doing four-figures a month working an hour a day.
  • And so much more...
How does this work? Check out this book as an example...
You can buy this textbook right now for $3.71 + postage.
And as an FBA seller, turn around and sell it for $29.99!
There are hundreds of thousands of books like this on Amazon, right now.
The readers speak: $3,587 in 90 days after reading Online Book Arbitrage

What is "online book arbitrage"?

Something only known of by a few people... until now. 

For awhile, sellers have been buying items one one site, and reselling on  another. 

What few have figured out is you can buy on one site and resell on the same site.And there's no bigger & better site than Amazon.

Seriously, almost no one is doing this. And the reason is: No one had the resources to do it right. 

Until this book. Everything has now changed.

How is this possible?
The answer lies in the pricing leverage of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

People will pay 100%, 300%, to 500% (and more) for FBA offers.

Forget if this "makes sense". It's a fact.
Here's more of what you're getting, for FREE...
I have to show this again:
If you bought this book on Amazon right now, it would cost you $47.
  •  Advanced search hacks - Take book arbitrage to the next level.
  •  The top 7 ways to make money - These are the Top 7 things I've learned doing this for over a year.
  •  How to spot profitable books - Exactly what clues to look for (there are 6 of them).
  •  Examining Amazon's "Advanced Search" feature - How to utilize this for maximum profits. 
  •  How to choose quality search terms - And which ones to avoid.    
  •  The 3 tools of online book arbitrage - These are all FREE, and will greatly streamline the process.    
  •  Q&A transcripts from my webinars & private group - Seen by few, these are uncensored Q&A's on the details of online book arbitrage.    
  •  How I Figured All This Stuff Out - The history of "online book arbitrage."    
  •  A "live" search where I make $60 in 5 minutes - I walk you through it, step-by-step (And I'll mail a video of this search to anyone who asks)    
  •  Why books are uniquely suited for online arbitrage - We're not choosing books at random. There's a science to this.    
  •  The only two ways you can screw this up - Avoid these two things, and you can't lose.    
  •  Interviews with Amazon sellers - Two practitioners of online book arbitrage share their secrets.   
  •   And So Much More...